ABC wheel

ABC wheel is an entertaining and instructive word game for children between the ages of 2 – 7. The game has 4 activities that allow children to become familiar with the letters in the alphabet using different techniques. The activities are as follows: cross word puzzle, find the letter, write the letter and an interactive slideshow with more than 75 different motives. In addition, the game has an exciting wheel of letters, which makes it fun for the child to choose which letter from the alphabet they would like to play with.

ABC-hjulet, bokstaver

In some of the activities, the child is challenged to solve the task while being timed. The child will be rewarded with coins of gold, silver or bronze, depending on how quickly he or she solves the activity. When the child has gathered a sufficient number of coins, he or she “wins” a cute animal, which will be displayed on the screen. The coins and the animals motivate the child to repeat the activity, thus strengthening the process of learning the alphabet.

ABC wheel is developed in cooperation with experienced educators from kindergarden and primary schools, and in an exploratory dialogue with children in the target group. The visual design is intuitive so that the child can utilize the game at their own pace and ability along with using in conjunction with a parent or adult.